Sunday, July 29, 2007

Petition to Support the DC "Right of Tenants to Organize" Law

Show your support for the tenants at the Norwood in the face of lanlord intimidation tactics. There is already a law protecting tenants rights in the District, we are demanding that it be enforced. Leave a comment and we will deliver it to Mayor Fenty with the petition.

July 29, 2007
Dear Mayor Fenty:

The “Right of Tenants to Organize” law became effective on September 19, 2006. This law gives tenants the right to organize, meet in common lobby areas, and post information regarding tenant rights and general tenant association activities.

I support this law, and oppose the illegal and abusive actions of landlords to intimidate, harass, evict, and prevent tenants from organizing. Please enforce the law and support the Norwood tenants by defending their right to organize.
29 de julio de 2007
Estimado Alcalde Fenty:

La ley “Derechos de los inquilinos para organizarse” entro en vigencia el 19 de septiembre de 2006. Esta ley de otorga el derecho as los inquilinos para que se organicen, reunirse en el edificio y compartir información sobre los derechos de inquilinos y asuntos de la asociación de inquilinos.

Yo apoyo esta ley
, y me opongo a la intimidación y acciones ilegales abusivas departe de los dueños contra los inquilinos incluyendo, molestar, y desalojar a los inquilinos porque se están organizando. Por favor haga que se cumpla con la ley y apoye a los inquilinos del edificio Norwood prestando su apoyo defendiendo sus derechos para organizarse.


Erik L Evans said...

I support the efforts of the 1417 N St. NW DC Tenants Association and furthermore, I am appauled by the tactics being used to discourage their efforts. The tenants right to organize is protected by law! Anyone guilty of denying tenants rights must be punished in accordance with said law!

Erik Evans
NW DC resident

Mr Snow said...

I strongly applaud the tenacious efforts of the Norwood Tenants Association to not only defend their homes and to cast off the oppressive bonds of purposeful "owner" neglect but also their desire to protect an irreplaceable treasure representing DC's important architectural past.

Get up - stand up - for your rights!

Annette Snow
Los Angeles, CA