Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Norwood Completes Marathon 26-Hour Tenant Meeting

After our record 26 hour marathon tenant association meeting from July 31st to August 1, 2007, going without a working elevator for 31 days, and catching up on much-needed sleep, we are glad to report that our marathon tenant association meeting was a success.

After starting the at 4pm last Sunday, we set up outside the building to spread the message of tenant rights and unsafe and unsanitary conditions that we are still living with in the Norwood. We posted signs, handed out fliers about tenants' rights to organize, and allowed people to sign our petition to Mayor Fenty in support of the 2006 Tenants Right to Organize Act.

At 3:00 am Monday, we even witnessed live bedbugs marching down the first floor hallway. By 6:30 pm on Monday, we closed out a fantastic meeting, helping to raise awareness about affordable housing, tenants' rights, and conditions at the Norwood.

Neighbors, community groups such as TENAC and LEDC, and Norwood residents expressed their support by sending emails, calling, bringing food, water, signs, money donations, and most importantly moral support. Various media outlets stopped by, including WJLA 7, Univision, and WPFW radio.

We still need your support to finally bring the Norwood into full compliance with the DC housing code. Please contact us if you would like to help or make a donation at the top of this page.