Friday, December 7, 2007

10 Families Without Heat at Norwood

UPDATE: Special thanks to the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs (OLA). On Friday, December 9th, nine provisional space heaters were delivered to the Norwood by OLA staff. The residents of the Norwood are grateful for this show of support, and we hope for a permanent fix soon.

Now that the cold weather is upon us, ten families at the Norwood have no heat this winter. Management tweaks the heaters after the District of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) housing inspectors cite them, but the heaters always break. Therefore, we are requesting brand new heaters for those in need.

One tenant has had no heat for the past 4 years. Because of a persistent gas leak in his apartment, he is afraid to use a space heater; he instead covers up with blankets to keep warm. He testified about this in our lawsuit against the owner and management company.

We have contacted the DCRA, and we hope that all residents at the Norwood will soon have heat this winter. We are also asking the DCRA to be on the lookout for other outstanding problems in the building which continue to persist.