Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Radio Interview: Kid's perspective on housing & tenant organizing

The DC Latino Media Collective interviewed three the kids during the making of the Mayan mosaic and the play that tells the story of how we organized to address unsafe housing conditions and the preservation of our building as affordable housing.

Three kids that have been affected by unsafe living conditions in our building provide their thoughts on how tenants can organize to address maintenance problems. Alex (who dealt with bedbugs as an infant), Andy (who once suffered from full body allergies from roaches), and nine year old Nizar.

Until we heard the interview, we did had no idea of what the kids were thinking. Their words and descriptions illustrate how deeply they see the importance of having access to safe and affordable housing.

Listen to the interview here

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home-Hogar-Comunidad celebration a complete sucess!

The celebration festivities this weekend have been six years in the making. Check out our online photo album to see highlights from our celebration including the making of the Mayan mosaic and the bilingual children's play that tells the story of our building.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Building Purchase Celebration Program - Saturday, October 29th

12:30 Ribbon cutting ceremony & Remarks

(Location: 1417 N Street, NW, 20005)

**Celebration moves across the street to National City Christian Church: 5 Thomas Circle NW, 20005**

1:30pm At National City Christian Church

− Blessing by Reverend Noemi P. Mena

2:00pm Mayan Mosaic Presentation

3:00pm Documentary film & photo presentations

− “Brunching with bedbugs” by Erin Finicane

− “We own this!” by LEDC

4:00pm Children’s play about the Norwood

5:00pm Live music performances by:

− Son Jarocho

− Grupo Raibales

Food, refreshments available for purchase throughout the event. Community resources information tables will be available from 1:30 – 7:00pm.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting ready for our celebration on Oct 29

The kids have been working hard on making decorations and backdrops for the bilingual play they will perform to tell the story of how we worked together to improve living conditions and purchase our building as an affordable housing cooperative.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Save the Date

Norwood 1417 N Street Cooperative

Community-wide Building Purchase Celebration

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Join with us as we celebrate the preservation of our building as affordable housing through the

District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development First Right Purchase Assistance Program

Stay tuned, more details to follow shortly.

Original Mayan weaving by Angelica Lopez, co-op board member

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Preview: Norwood Tenants To Be Featured in Documentary Film About Community Organizing & Bedbugs

We're proud to announce that the Norwood Tenants will be featured in a documentary titled "Brunching With Bedbugs." See the trailer below.

For over five years the Norwood has been at the forefront of a resurgence of bedbugs in the United States. As we continue outreach through our community play, and participation in public forums, we are gratified to see this representation of our work through the lens of film maker Erin Finicane.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working on a bedbug play

In November 2010 we participated in two events that seemed completely different. We performed a play called "Popol Vuh" that told the story of the creation of the Maya people at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and we also testified at the first Congressional Bedbug Forum that was sponsored by congressmembers G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) and Don Young (R-AK).

As we were preparing our testimony, we realized that we have been struggling with ways to educate our community about how to control and prevent bedbug infestations. We have given many workshops, participated in forums and collaborated with DC government agencies such as the Department of Health and the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs. Despite our efforts, we have not been able to fully respond to the number of educational requests we receive.

So we asked ourselves how we could reach the greatest number of people? Why not combine art, theater and bedbug education? We are working on a play that will serve as a popular education tool to create awareness about bedbugs and how to control them.

The first performance is scheduled for June. Stay tuned for more details and please feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas for the play. So far people have suggested:
  • Focus on the point of view of the bedbug
  • Explain how bedbugs spread
  • Learn about the bedbug life cycle
  • Include music and a bedbug dance
  • Talk about the history of bedbugs
  • Teach the audience what they can do to control and prevent bedbugs