Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working on a bedbug play

In November 2010 we participated in two events that seemed completely different. We performed a play called "Popol Vuh" that told the story of the creation of the Maya people at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and we also testified at the first Congressional Bedbug Forum that was sponsored by congressmembers G.K. Butterfield (D-NC) and Don Young (R-AK).

As we were preparing our testimony, we realized that we have been struggling with ways to educate our community about how to control and prevent bedbug infestations. We have given many workshops, participated in forums and collaborated with DC government agencies such as the Department of Health and the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs. Despite our efforts, we have not been able to fully respond to the number of educational requests we receive.

So we asked ourselves how we could reach the greatest number of people? Why not combine art, theater and bedbug education? We are working on a play that will serve as a popular education tool to create awareness about bedbugs and how to control them.

The first performance is scheduled for June. Stay tuned for more details and please feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas for the play. So far people have suggested:
  • Focus on the point of view of the bedbug
  • Explain how bedbugs spread
  • Learn about the bedbug life cycle
  • Include music and a bedbug dance
  • Talk about the history of bedbugs
  • Teach the audience what they can do to control and prevent bedbugs