About Us

The 1417 N Street NW Apartment building is one of a few affordable buildings in the Logan Circle neighborhood. A former rent-controlled building, the seven story 84 unit cooperative is made up of residents of moderate income families and individuals who work in the city in various service industry and professional occupations.

Looking towards the future
Putting a priority on outstanding service and building maintenance, the 1417 Cooperative is already a much nicer place to call home than it was just a few years ago. Plans for a full building renovation are underway. 

In telling our story of a successful tenant building purchase to other tenant groups, the leaders at the 1417 N Street NW Cooperative have already inspired other tenants to pursue options which will preserve their affordable housing. One of the strengths at the Norwood is the residents’ organization and resolve to preserve their affordable housing, and the creative use of the arts and culture to express their community. The residents hard work has resulted in a solution that will keep the building affordable, allowing tenants to stay in their homes, and longtime neighborhood.

The residents of the 1417 Cooperative hope that tenants at other buildings will be empowered to preserve their homes, as well.