Building Purchase

Tenants in the Norwood have been working since 2005 to improve their community and advocate for better maintenance. Over the past two years, these efforts have evolved into a plan for the tenants to buy the building and convert it to an affordable housing cooperative.

We aim to include all interested tenants in the building purchase, renovation and cooperative ownership. Benefits of the cooperative will be many, and will include preserving the longterm affordability of apartments while improving conditions with a substantial rehab. The purchase was completed in in July 2011.

Goals and features of the project
  • Create opportunities for affordable sustainable homeownership in the Logan Circle neighborhood
  • Renovate and rehab the Norwood to improve the building and upgrade systems
  • NEW Kitchens, upgraded bathrooms and more!
  • Create space for community activities, and amenities such as a rooftop garden
  • Restore historic Deco details and amenities to the building while meeting modern demands
Get information on upcoming plans to convert the Norwood Apartments to a Cooperative. We will post important deadlines, forms, and updated news about the building purchase here.

Please also check the "Tenant Activity Calendar" tab to find out about meetings, office hours and events. Attending meetings and getting your questions answered is the best way to make sure you will benefit from the cooperative plans. We hope to see you soon!

Coming soon: "How can I be part of the Co-op? And what are the benefits?"

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